The clock strikes twelve, a year surrenders,
Whispers farewells, then silence tenders.
A newborn hour, a virgin page,
2024, a dawning stage.

In frosted breath and winter's grip,
Hope shimmers like a silver ship.
Resolutions, whispered dreams,
Unfurl like ribbons, sunlit streams.

To paint a canvas bold and bright,
To learn a language, take flight,
To mend the frayed, forgive the scars,
Embrace the moon, chase distant stars.

But resolutions, fragile things,
Can wilt unseen on faltering wings.
So bind them tight with daily thread,
Small steps that nourish what's been said.

Rise with the sun, a morning vow,
Plant seeds of kindness, tend what's now.
Read wisdom's words, a whispered guide,
And in each sunset, leave behind

The weight of doubt, the sting of fear,
And watch your dreams grow strong and clear.
For every stumble, dust your knees,
2024's grace waits on the breeze.

So let us weave a year sublime,
With threads of purpose, woven fine.
In each new dawn, a chance to start,
This vibrant tapestry, 2024, art.