A New Month

The year takes a breath, a pause in its stride,
February unfolds, with love it confides.
Though shortest in days, its spirit leaps long,

A heart full of hope, like a jubilant song.

A birthday ignites, a spark in the chill,
A new year of life, on love's gentle quill.
Leap year's extra day, a bonus, a grace,
To dream bigger dreams, embrace wider space.

Snow dances and twirls, a ballet in white,
While crocuses peek, with promises bright.
Love whispers in poems, on frosty window panes,
A warmth that endures, beyond sleet and rains.

So breathe in the month, let its magic unfold,
Embrace the new chapter, in stories untold.
For February's heart, with yours intertwines,
A month of beginnings, where love brightly shines.