Writing Resources for Educators

Post date: Nov 27, 2012 9:19:54 AM


Excellent resource for typing practice

Solve online Word Search Maker

Printable Word Search Maker


This fun portal stimulates elementary students to write stories. It has exciting backgrounds and images for the illustration parts of the writing piece.


Another fun portal for writing stories. Storybird comes with a huge library of photos for your pages, and full screen preview mode.

Eduplace Tales

Answer a “Parts of Speech” quiz to create a fun story. Perfect for reluctant writers.


Create fun word clouds. Great tool for doing a lesson on synonyms and antonyms, expanding on words or phrases, or brainstorming a subject or topic. Similar to wordle.net.


Tried and tested blogging service. Easy to set up personal, class or student blogs. Free to use and fun templates to choose from.


Blogging service for use with students. Create blogs for different classes as well as student blog accounts.


Test your essay on this resource for words you use frequently. Find synonyms for them, pictures, group words, etc.


Real time online collaboration tool. Similar to titanpad.com. Perfect for formative assessments and brainstorming sessions.

Typing Practice

Create an account on this website in a minute and start practicing to improve your keyboarding.

Digital Story Telling

50 Websites for Digital Story Telling.

Acrostic Poems

Create printable acrostic poems