Grieving - 
Two Years On

On this solemn day, two years have flown,
Since you departed, my father, my own,
I miss our talks, our debates, so strong,
And the way you challenged me all along.

Our conversations, a dance of words,
From politics to life's endless chords,
In the fires of argument, we'd often fight,
But it was your wisdom that shed the light.

Chess games played with fierce intent,
Strategies and moves, each moment spent,
The board a battlefield for minds so keen,
In those silent battles, you were the queen.

Accounting ledgers, numbers galore,
You taught me diligence, to explore,
The balance in life, the ledgers of fate,
In your guidance, I found my own state.

Comedy movies, laughter's embrace,
In shared humor, we found our space,
From witty punchlines to gags absurd,
We laughed together, our hearts were stirred.

But today, I visit your resting place,
To feel your presence, to see your face,
Among the blossoms, under the trees,
I'm with you, father, in moments like these.

Though you're gone, your spirit's near,
In the whispers of leaves, I still hear,
Your wisdom, your laughter, your guiding hand,
I cherish the memories, they help me stand.

On this second anniversary, I recall,
The love we shared, the moments, all,
I'll keep visiting your peaceful abode,
To reconnect with you, on this earthly road.

In the silence of this sacred ground,
In your presence, solace is found,
Though you're no longer by my side,
In my heart and soul, you'll forever reside.