What do Ghanaians Eat?

Post date: Dec 11, 2012 8:49:52 AM

Ghanaians eat a good variety of local and foreign foods. The popular foods in homes are banku, fufu, yams, plantains, kenkey, and tuo zafi. Each of these foods is usually served with some soup, stew or pepper sauce. The most common form of mean and fish is beef, goat, tilapia and red fish. Mushrooms, grasscutter, snails and crabs are also popular delicacies in some parts of Ghana.

Below are photos of some Ghanaian foods.


Apapransa - Traditional Ghanaian Food

Rice, Grilled Chicken with Kontonmire Stew (Spinach)

Kontonmire, Chicken and Rice

Fufu with Goat Light Soup

Fufu with Goat Light Soup - plus an apple for dessert

Waakye(rice and beans) with Gari and Spaghetti


Tuo Zaafi with Beef in Herb Stew

Tuo Zaafi

Banku with Tilapia in Okro Stew and Pepper Sauce

Banku & Tilapia