Frost clings to eaves, a whispered breath,
January dawns, the year anew.
Resolutions cling like cobwebs frail,
Promises spun in moonlight dew.

The sky above, a slate so gray,
Weeps tears of rain, then coats in white.
A world reborn in stark display,
Where winter holds the world in tight.

Payday lingers, distant chime,
A drumbeat echoing in the cold.
But hope, an ember, burns in time,
A story still to be told.

Brushes dust from long-held dreams,
Unfurls the list, a whispered creed.
To run, to write, to conquer streams,
To plant a seed where doubt takes seed.

January, harsh and yet so pure,
A canvas bare, a chance to start.
Though winds may bite, and skies obscure,
A fire burns within the heart.

So let the rain and snow descend,
Embrace the chill, the starkness too.
For in this hush, new chapters blend,
And January whispers, "Start anew."