In Ghana's fertile soil, my roots do lie,
From Aduamoa and Agormanya's embrace,
My heritage, my roots, a steadfast trace.
A tapestry of stories in my heart embraced. 

In Accra's bustling streets, I came to grow,
A city's rhythm, its vibrant ebb and flow.
DeYoungsters, where my young mind took flight,
Primary days of learning, pure delight.

Street soccer's laughter, a childhood's grace,
Running underneath the sun, in every open space.
A love for games, with friends I'd share,
A bond of unity, a joy beyond compare.

Yet 'twas in kindergarten, a teacher's care,
That planted seeds of knowledge, tender and rare.
Through daily tales and stories, she'd impart,
Barnes Memorial School was quite the place

High school then unveiled a chessboard's might,
A world of strategy, where day turned into night.
On large tables at Aquinas, the game I'd embrace,
A chess club's journey, a lifelong chase.

Now, in Seattle's embrace, I've found my way,
An elementary teacher, I proudly say.
Technology's wonders, I now impart,
To young minds eager, with open hearts.

From Ghana's vibrant roots, I've come so far,
A journey marked by each guiding star.
In Seattle's vibrant tapestry, I now stand tall,
A testament to the roots that made me, after all.