My MacBook Pro won't load when turned on. The screen just keeps changing colors

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 10:28:45 AM

A student brought his MacBook Pro to me this morning with this problem:

When the power button was pushed, it first loaded a white screen, then changed to red, then blue, then black & white stripes, in a loop.

I invited my IT director to look at this new challenge and here's what we tried that worked.

  1. Plugged in the Power cable

  2. Held the Power button for 12 seconds

  3. As we let go the power button we held the 'T' key down to get into Target Mode

  4. Once in Target Mode, we unplugged the power cable .

  5. It then went on to boot properly and all was fine

I'm not a certain this would work for every case, but it did work in this instance.

In my conversation with Mr. Gaveh our IT Director, he said this problem could have been caused by a firmware update gone bad because during the update process, the laptop charger wasn't plugged in.