Why did this tragedy befall?
Why was she taken, so small?
A wife, a mother, gone too soon,
Leaving behind a gaping wound.

My friend, I know your heart is sore,
And your children are lost and unsure.
But know that you are not alone,
In this grief that feels like a stone.

Your wife was a bright, shining star,
Whose love touched all near and far.
She will live on in your memories,
And in the hearts of those she blessed.

So hold on to each other tight,
And weather this storm with all your might.
Lean on your faith, your friends, and your love,
As you guide your children from above.

One day, the pain will ease,
And you will find new ways to appease.
But until then, know that you are loved,
And that your wife's legacy will rise above.