Chess, my beloved game,
Taught to me as a child,
A lifelong passion,
A source of joy and challenge.

Through high school and college,
I honed my skills,
Learning strategy and tactics,
The art of the endgame.

Now, as an educator,
I share my love of chess with others,
Coaching young minds,
Teaching them the basics of the game,
And helping them to develop their skills.

I played chess with my father back in the day
Now I play with my sons
To see who can outmaneuver the other,
And make great decisions, I mean moves

When I'm stressed or need some me-time,
I turn to chess,
To find solace and clarity,
To challenge my mind and spirit.

Chess, my dear friend,
You are more than just a game.
You are a teacher, a companion,
A source of endless fascination.