Indigenous People's Day

Oh, glorious three-day weekend, how I long for thee,
A time to rest and rejuvenate, and simply be.
No Alexa's alarm ring, no work to be done,
Just me, my family, and the sun.

I'll start my days with a leisurely rise,
And savor my milo with grateful sighs.
Then I'll lace up my shoes and head out the door,
For a mind-clearing long walk, and to explore.

Through trails and sidewalks, my spirit will soar,
As I breathe in the fresh air, and so much more.
My earpods will serenade me as I go,
And the gentle breeze will soothe my soul.

On my return, I'll relax with a book,
Or perhaps a board game with the family.
But most of all, I'll simply enjoy the peace,
Of this long weekend, a well-deserved release.

With my sons, I'll play soccer,
And laugh until my sides hurt,
Their young energy, so pure and true,
A gift to me, I never take for granted.

On Netflix, we'll watch movies,
And cuddle up, so warm and cozy,
Lost in stories, far and wide,
Where dreams and magic collide.

But most of all, I'll simply rest,
And let my mind and body be blessed,
With the simple joy of being alive,
In this moment, in this place, the Pacific Northwest.

So thank you, indigenous peoples,
For reminding us to cherish these moments,
To slow down and savor the day,
And to be grateful for all that comes our way.