About Me

Hi, my name is Jeff and I was born and raised in a neighborhood of Accra, Ghana called Kpehe.

I'm an educator, and in 2003 I begun my teaching career integrating technology in elementary classes in an IB program at the Lincoln Community School in Accra. I'm currently in a similar role at the Bush School in Seattle.

I am enthusiastic about technology in education and believe that it is key to establishing a strong foundation on which innovation and responsible use of resources can be built. As a teacher, I strive to motivate students to figure technology out. In addition to teaching students, I am passionate about supporting teachers and adults in general in their use of technology.

Having spent a significant part of my teaching career in an environment where essential conditions such as power supply and Internet functionality could be unpredictable, I have become a highly flexible person, I easily adapt to variations in available resources, always aiming to enhance learning regardless of the circumstances.

I’ve also had the luxury of working with students and educators from all over the world. The result has been a heightening of my diversity-mindedness and an open-minded approach to life in general. I believe I'm easygoing and try to find humor in most situations. I also believe learning must be fun, and shared, so others can build on it to make our world a better place.

I enjoy travel, sampling new foods, and experiencing new cultures. Socially I like to listen to others, play board games, or learn new things. I like the outdoors, running, soccer, taking nature walks, or wandering about with a camera in hand. I try to read every night, especially with my sons. 


2005 - 2007 MA

1997 - 2000 BA


2015 - Present - Teacher

2003 - 2015 - Teacher