Happy Birthday Sami

To Sami, on your ninth year's dawn,
A celebration of a boy well-spun.
Kind and gentle, a heart so true,
Today we honor the wonder in you.

In your world, family takes the prime,
Cherished moments, a precious time.
You love to gather, close and near,
With loved ones, laughter crystal clear.

Yet solitude holds its own sweet grace,
A quiet moment, a peaceful space.
You find joy within your own embrace,
In solitude's calm, you find your place.

Hugs from Sami, a treasure to keep,
A love so pure, so tender and deep.
In your warm embrace, hearts find their way,
With each hug you give, you light up the day.

Caring for others, it's in your heart,
A role model, right from the start.
You make breakfast with care and flair,
Your kindness shines, beyond compare.

Sharing is your second nature, it's true,
Generosity flows in all that you do.
A heart so open, so willing to share,
In your giving spirit, we all find care.

Your admiration for Kyle, so strong,
A brother's bond, where you both belong.
With him by your side, you continue to grow,
A partnership that brings joy and glow.

Listening well, a skill that's rare,
You hear the stories in the air.
A love for reading, a thirst for knowledge,
In books and tales, you've found your college.

Animals, your fascination's domain,
In their world, you're the reigning brain.
With facts and knowledge at your command,
You're the go-to guide in our animal land.

On this ninth birthday, oh, what a delight,
To celebrate you, Sami, shining so bright.
May life's path ahead be filled with grace,
With kindness, love, and a smiling face.

As you grow, learn, and continue to explore,
Know that in our hearts, you're cherished, and more.
Happy birthday, Sami, our shining star,
You've come so far, and you'll go very far!