Peace in Gaza

In lands where olive trees whisper stories of old,
Under skies once shadowed by tales untold,
There blooms a hope on the horizon's gold,
A chapter where peace unfolds, bold and cold.

In Gaze, where echoes of conflict once raged,
Now silent prayers of the faithful are staged.
For an end to strife, where hearts engage,
Not in war, but in dialogue, from sage to sage.

Let the aggression that tore through these streets,
Be replaced with steps of peace, gentle feats.
Where Israeli might meets calm, retreats,
And the land heals where sorrow depletes.

Bring back the sons and daughters, gone too long,
Hostages of turmoil, where they don't belong.
Return them to the hearths, where hearts are strong,
To the melodies of their motherland's song.

Let new beginnings sprout in Palestinian sands,
Olive branches in every clenching hand.
Build on the rubble, where once they planned,
Homes and dreams, not borders manned.

From north to south, let the olive groves sway,
A testament to peace, come what may.
In Gaze and beyond, let children play,
Under skies not gray, but promising a new day.

So forge a future from the relics of the past,
In unity and respect, foundations that last.
For peace is not simply by fate cast,
But crafted by hands, holding fast.

Here's to Peace in Gaze, under crescent and star,
Where no man, no nation, raises a scar.
Only the hopeful, near and far,
Gazing at a future as bright as the morning star.